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    Default Long ATA bows with >300 fps speed

    I have a 31" drawlength and I shoot a Bowtech Constiution with Allegiance Cams. This bow shoots 318 fps and is very forgiving. My 2005 Bowtech bow is getting old and I was looking for a new bow. I am not seeing to many long ATA bows on the market. Matthews has the Conquest Triumph at 39" ATA, the Drenlin LD at 37" ATA that go out to 31". Hoyt has a few bows at 41" ATA that go out to >31" and Bowtech has the Brigadier, but it only goes out to 30."

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    I'll say this about that... I love my Triumph and the effective string angle of this design is actually longer than the Apex at 42.5"... I have the 65% cam....
    Mike "Javi" Cooper

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    elite xlr...dl goes to 32"
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    I have both, a Mathews Triumph and an Elite XLR. The XLR is currently my "go to" bow.

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    look at the bowtech sentinel 37 inches long and the birth cert. on mine said 321.
    11 Invasion 10 sentinel trophy taker carter, sur-loc, doinker

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    Pearson advantage will fit the bill

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    New Breed Cyborg
    Mine IBO'd at 337
    37.5" ata
    7.5" BH
    Smoothest 70pound bow I ever drew

    Strother Inspire
    I do not own one but 330plus IBO
    7 3/8

    Darton I think has a bow that is 37" ATA, ibo 308

    Maitland Zeus
    38" ata

    Martin shadowcat nice speeds, I think 39"ata

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    Martin ShadowCat
    41 1/2" long
    7" brace height
    Stated IBO of 320 fps

    Slightly shorter
    Rytera Alien Z
    36" A2A
    IBO of 330 fps
    Martin/Rytera Silver Star Shooter
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    Default Hoyt Vantage Elite

    I am a 31" dl and compete with Vantage Elites. With spiral cams I have no problem getting over 310 fps shooting less than 60 lbs with an arrow considerably heavier than IBO minimum.

    With the low let-off of the Spiral cam at low poundage you get a super-hard wall, enough holding weight for a crisp release and a smooth draw cycle.

    With the 2000 limbs you get "just enough" feed-back to know if you have tension/torque issues.

    I'm not sure what more you could ask for
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    Default Don't sell the Conny

    I have a Contender Elite on order but don't plan to sell my 07 Conny. I had a 98 Conquest Pro that got away from me once and I learned my lesson. If you have a bow that shoots really well for you make sure the new one is great before you sell the old one. That Conny is hard to beat for specs and performance. Just my .02.

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