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Thread: Honest Archers

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    Default Honest Archers

    I seen a post made by Dan and I just had to post this.

    I sold a sureloc scope to a guy in colorado the other day. He sent a money order for the scope. Well I had the check in my truck and took my truck to get some tires on it 2 days ago. Not noticing till I got to the bank the MO was gone. I contacted the tire shop and of course they say they dont know anything about it.

    I sent an email to the guy that bought the scope to see if he had the information for the check so maybe I could put a tracking on it. He called his bank and they said it had not been cashed so he stoped payment on the check. Now he had the bank give him another money order and is sending it to me.

    This gentalmen did not haft to go this far for me, and yet he did. I am very thankful there are people still out there that are genuine enough to help a fellow archer out. I thank for the majority of the archery community they are great people.

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    your lucky, usually doesnt end that way. even though most archers I believe are a pretty honest bunch.

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    Default Amen Brother

    +1 on that.
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    at your course..taking your money


    most archers are good natured.... but there are some bad apples out there ! you did get lucky !
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    There really are alot of honest folks in archery.

    Now I really can shoot 2" groups at 50yrds.

    In my dreams!
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    thee are still plenty of honest fellas out there among the crooks & liars. glad it worked out for you
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    It's those dang tire shops you gotta watch out for.
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    I bought a spool of 452 plus from a guy on AT. after about a week I sent him a pm asking if it had been sent out. he couldnt belive I hadnt received it. to make a long story short, FEDX had lost this guy sends me a pm saying he has sent me a money order for what it would cost to buy a spool of 452 from lancaster which was more than what I paid him. that afternoon the M.O came in. the next day the 452 came in in the mail. he didnt have to do that. he went out of his way to make it right. and yes I sent the M.O. back.
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    Very glad to hear of the outcome here. I would definately inform the owner of the shop that they have a thief working for them. And tell them they will no longer get any of my business.


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