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    Default Brand new with an old Bear Whitetail Hunter

    Hey guys! So, this is my first post and I just wanted to say that it looks like you've got a great forum here!

    I just got a 6 wheel Bear Whitetail hunter today, it has a 30" draw length and a 65# peak weight.

    The main draw string has a small amount of fraying and the little metal nugget on the string is loose.

    the stick on arrow rest is worn slap out and is basically just a flat piece of plastic that no arrow will actually be resting on.

    I'd love to know what you guys think I should do first and where I might get some replacement parts from. I have little to know money so please be gentle..

    it looks like the main two pulleys or wheels or whatever they're called can be adjusted but the physics engine in my brain says that they are se for maximum string tention as they are right now.

    How do I go about setting the bow up for do I find out what the best weight is?

    If there are any pointers you guys and gals can give me I'd be very appreciative..thanks for any help!

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    Honestly? Open your phonebook and find an archery shop. I highly doubt something like a Dicks Sporting Goods would be any help. That string and/or brass nock can surely be replaced, and that bow does have draw lenth and weight adjustments, but you have to go where someone has seen such a bow before. Find an archery shop and they should be able to get you going for short money.
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    If I remember right the bow could be set for 35lbs to 65lbs. I have the same bow but I bought it when I was 14 in the 80's I wish I still had the instructions that came for it but it was either 30 or 35 LBS was the minimum and 65 was the max.

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