Hi I am a tarter Archer and I know next to nothing. Can you help me with a few question I have?

Archery Intrest Backstory: My Grampa bought me my bow when I was about twelve years old. At that age my mind tended to float from one intrest to another ((I'm 20 now)) so although I practiced I eventually parted from it but it stuck with me and the desire topicck it back up unearthed as I grew older. My Bow was perchased from Dicks Sporting Goods and is light as a feather with virtually no resistance. I have no clue what kind it is but I still have it.

My Questions:

1. Can you give me a simple cheap workout plan to help get me fit and in shape?
2. I live in Miamisburg Ohio does anyone know of a place where you can practice or seek instruction in archery?
3. Can you give me a shopping list of items needed for my training and such accompaned by rough prices?
4. Also any recomended reading or websites with usefull info for my situation would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time reading this and assisting me in my perdicament. Have a great day!