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    Default Contender Elite-Orange

    I got this bow new in the winter, shot it mostly indoors, took it to one 3d shoot. Shot less than 500 times. Bow is immaculate.

    Looking for $1250 for the package shipped in the lower 48:
    2010 Contender Elite Orange, Right hand, 28.5 draw, spiral X cams, 50-60lb XT2000 limbs...

    $950tyd Bare bow

    I prefer money order because I'm having a hard time figuring out paypal, plus I dont like the idea of paying 3% of $1200. I've never sold anything on here but you guys can check out my feedback on archerytalk under the same name-Hotshot88 Thanks.

    -Sword Titan, 6x lens
    -Fuse Acculaunch Lizard Tongue
    -Shibuya Ultima V-bar
    -25" Easton X7 stabilizer and two 10" X7 side rods
    -Also have a superball peep kit that will come with it, just the apetures, no clarifiers.
    Have a new set of cocoa/blue M&R strings and cables for the bow I never installed that will come with it as well.

    A couple of notes, the sticker on the bottom limb which tells draw weight and length missing...and I just noticed the other day that one the cams has a Cam 1/2 plus sticker on it, but I assure everyone these are Spiral X cams....

    The only marks on the whole set up is where the sight slides, and a few scuffs on the v-bar where the stablizers meet it.....the bow itself has no scratches, dings, or close to new as you can get without going and getting one...

    Hate to sell it but I got other priorites right now and its been sitting in the case for 2 months unshot....

    Here are some pics.
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    send me an e-mail with a phone number


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    Is this sold?

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