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    Default Who makes this target?

    Need help guys. Trying to find out who makes this target. It was at the Redding CA shoot but I was not there. DB took the picture but he said he did not think to look. I called the guy that bought the critter factory and he said it was not him. Sent Rhinehart an email and waiting on response. Greatly appreciate any help.

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    Default Fun Targets

    This is a great looking target and they must have had fun seeing this on the course. I wonder how far the shot was. Having a variety of targets, like this one makes the tournaments interesting.

    Are you talking about the Great Western Trail Shoot in Redding, CA? I have shot the Redding shoot a few times and I have never seen this target there. I don't recall ever seeing a pond of water there either. The targets for the Great Western Trail Shoot are made at the property where they host the tournament. I think they are called Ragleys, but I am not sure of the correct spelling.

    Also, continuing with my initial assumption, the NFAA doesn't use the same scoring rings seen in this target. At Great Western Trail Shoot they paint an orange dot on the target for the 12 ring.

    Good luck with your quest.

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    Sorry. I screwed up . it was from the shoot in Lindsburgh, Ks.

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