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    Hi everyone. I'm thinking of trying archery and found this forum during my research. I finagled a Bear compound bow and some kit from a friend who just happens to share the same general physical stature as I do. The bow looks old, the camo pattern isnt like the new RT and @ 47" axle to axle, is bigger than the new bows I saw when I visited a local archery shop to sign up for lessons (Riverside Archery in CA). The cams are round and one of the limbs says "Hunter" and it has a "Proline" sight on it that looks like lattice frame with brass pins screwed into it. Any info about this bow is appreciated.
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    That bow will be just fine to learn with as long as the draw length is right for you and the draw weight isnt more than you can handle, the people at the pro shop can help you with your draw length and adjusting the bow to suit you. Good job on signing up for lessons right away instead of just grabbing the bow and picking up a bunch of bad habits. The most important thing to remember is to just have fun and take the advice of the people at the pro shop who are going to be teaching you the basics, it will make things alot easier in the long run. Never be afraid to ask people questions and once again just have fun.
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