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    Default new STS products

    check it out boys new products ..........
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    Wow this sounds very awesome for us all. You Hoyt boys are now going to get a side mount STS. I hope some of the copy cats take his challenge and he shows them who makes the only REAL STS!!!!


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    Man that sounds good. Its good to hear of a company (the origional) stand up for its products and flat out call the imitators out for a challenge to show why they are superior! Hope they don't make a fool of themselves
    Target: Hoyt ProElite XT3000 C2, 60# 30", CBE Quad Lite, CBE 3x .019, Trophy Taker, Easton Fatboy 400's(indoor) lightspeed 400 (outdoor)

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