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    Default Getting ready for Elk

    I am taking a trip to Colorado this fall for Elk and need some advise. I am shooting a PSE Bow Madness set at 63-pounds, using Gold tip arrows with 100-grain Sonic Pro broadheads. I have had good results with this set-up on deer and wondered if anyone has used a similar set-up for elk? I have heard that a good set-up for deer will work for elk also, but I wanted to verify. I have only been elk hunting once several years ago and never had an opportunity to shoot. Hopefully, things will be different this time and I want to be sure that what I am using will do the job.

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    You should be good to go with that setup.

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    I would think that your pretty good to go with that, I personally would just limit my shots range wise. Good luck!
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    I think you should be fine.

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    Default No

    I have shot Lots of elk and your set up is to light! Yes it will work if you keep your shots close, but if you hit much bone {Like a rib on a quartering shot} it will not be enough! I personally like 70+lbs with at least 420grain arrows shooting at at least 260fps @ 420gn! Also, I am not a big fan of sonic heads durability. Ultimate Steel, Slick Trick, any G5, Steelheads, there are lots of Strong heads. Shoot as much weight as you can shoot accurately and comfortably and Dont shoot less than 410-420gn. This year I shot 74lbs and a 460gn arrow with a pass through at 48yds.

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