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Thread: which one

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    Default which one

    i was thinking of getting a bow at the end of this season, it is either the Diamond Legacy, Hoyt Tryken, or the Fred Bear Instict what do you all think
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    Are you buying new or used????

    Diamond makes a Liberty could that have been it??? Mathews makes a Legacy???? Not sure which one you are meaning. I have shot the Liberty and it was a nice bow but not for me. The Mathews Legacy shot very well but I think it has been discontinued. The Hoyt Trykon has a very rough draw cycle alot of guys speak of bouncing off the wall. If you are wanting to spend that much money on a new bow try the Hoyt Vectrix it is a very nice bow. Finally the Fred Bear Instinct I shot an Instinct($399) and an Element($299) and they are nice for the price but if you are wanting to spend a little more I would suggest you try out the Code($499) or the Truth(not sure of price) these are the new prices. So after all of that if you are buying used I would check out the Legacy or Code. If you are buying new I would suggest the Vectrix. This is only my personal opinion.

    DO NOT LIMIT yourself to only these bows shoot absolutely every bow you can as only you can decide which on fits you. Don't take someone else's word for it. The bows I like some of my friends cannot shoot well at all and some the Love I cannot shoot well. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!!


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