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Thread: Strings?

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    Default Strings?

    Has anyone used some of the other strings out there besides Winners Choice? I want to get a new string for my Constitution and was wondering what other people have used that has worked real well for them. I have no problem with W/C I have used them before. Just kinda wnat to know what else is out there and what you guys would stay away from.
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    I use WInner's Choice but most of my friends use Zebra and they have no problems.


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    I've heard nothing but great things about Winners Choice. On my OG I use Cracker's custom made strings. On my Ross I'll be trying out Zebra this year
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    I have always liked the strings from Zebra.....
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    Other than WC I have heard that Crackers are great as well as Bucknastys on AT. If you can do without it for a while I would suggest you send it to Crackers and have him sprinkle some of his magic dust on it. I have not ever sent him anything but some of my friends say he does an awesome job. I think he is in Missouri may be close to you


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    I've used a 450 plus or 452x string and cables for as long as I can remember. I have never had any problems, no stretch or failures. I take care of them and I replace them every two years, again, never a problem. A great combination of strength and durability. The cost is usually around $50 for both, installed. I usually shot 3D's every weekend; granted, if you shoot a ton, you may want to go once a year.
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