My customers are informing me that a few of the lighted nock they tried do not shot as accurate as Firenock did, and congratulating me on making the best ALL AROUND. My customers are a very obsessive compulsive bunch... LOL They all like to know they still own the best, even they ALREADY own Firenock!

They would like to know why and how much more accurate is Firenock compare to the rest. I would also like to know just by how much more accurate it is.

I already know that Firenock have the most accurate nock in the market as I paid plenty in time and money to make sure that is the case. The target archer like Randy Hendrix (Buck-master 2009 champion), Wesley VanHorne (multiple IBO winner, owner of Fury X, and maker of Stage 1 String) only use our nock in competition and won. They both told me that in person the case; and I have no reason to doubt them. The fact is that I started to ensure Firenock is more precise and accurately made than ANY nock in the market (lighted or not) at the very beginning. The approach of single cavity mold, German Bayer© Makelon™ virgin polycarbonate, and 0.01 mm tolerance is only the beginning. If any one do not agree/believe it, you are more than welcome to chime in, or be part of this test/challenge).

I would like to device a test/challenge for accuracy of nocks, with and without the light in the market. Just not sure, how, what and who to do this process to leave absolutely no doubt and be creditable.

Suggestion welcome.