I am selling my Hoyt Trykon: Draw length 30.0 and draw weight is 60-70, and is now set at 70. I will be selling the bare bow. I am going into my senior year of high school here in Iowa and I've found I do not get a lot of time to bow hunt during my football seasons which we all know, is all fall. I also dislocated my shoulder twice last year and have troubles with shooting a bow now. I plan on selling this Hoyt and after college buying a new bow. In all honesty there is nothing wrong with the bow; no scratches or marks to be found. I bought the bow last summer from a local dealer. I sighted it in with a new rest and site and that is all it has been through. The bow was not shot all fall due to my injuries. Strings are freshly waxed and bow is in top condition. My email is jalenc_14@hotmail.com, so you can shoot me an email if you are interested and or have any questions. Good Luck with your hunting and or shooting. Thanks!