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    Default How Good Do I Have to Be?

    My friend and I, after years of shooting rifles etc, decided to start shooting bows. We both bought fairly high dollar bows from the local Bowsmithe after practicing with a beater from Craigslist.

    We want to go shoot our first 3d tournament, however, I believe that our equipment will put us in an Outlaw category where we may not be able to compete.

    I am 70% on a beer can at 50 meters. I have never shot moving targets, though the competition that we want to shoot is all stationary, I believe.
    How good does one have to be to compete or do I just need to show up and find out?

    Thanks, J

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    I'd say just show up and shoot. Don't worry about winning it all, just worry about making good shots and having fun.

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    Go try it! Tell them it's your first time, what your using, they'll put you in the right class. Go have some fun.
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    If you are 70% on beer cans at 50 meters you will do fine. Go do it and have fun.
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    Smile How Good

    Hey..go out..take s few shots..dont worry about scores equipment ec etc..
    its all about poops and giggles and meeting/shooting with friends and family.

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