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Thread: type of arrows

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    Default type of arrows

    what kind of arrows should I get?? I just want some opinion I am just starting out in the bow hunting sport...


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    Default Types of arrows

    Well for hunting arrows there are so many to choose from it's hard to pic just one. Your budget will more than likely help drive your choice. There are plenty of good aluminum arrows out there from easton in XX78 or carbon aluminum mix like the ACC or straight carbon arrows from gold tip. Find out what your local shops carry I'm sure that they can help you pick something out that will work well for you.

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    There are many factors that can help you decide what kind of arrow to buy.

    1. Buget, see how much you are willing to spend on hunting arrows. They usually can run any where from $50-200.
    2. What kind of arrow did you have in mind? Aluminum, carbon, or Aluminum/carbon?
    3. What will you be hunting? If you're hunting bigger game its more idea to have a heavier arrow such as Easton Full Metal Jack.

    For starters I strongly recommend Beman (An easton company) or easton alloy aluminum. They are affordable, good arrows.
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    I've been experimenting on this subject myself as I just recently started shooting myself.

    Currently I've been using Easton Aluminumum arrows that I got from Dick's for $22.00 for 6 arrows -- not bad since I've already wrecked the fletchings on 4 of them from shooting too tight groups. They seem to fly all right.

    I do want to try Carbon arrows (especially since they're all the rage) but for $20.00 for 3 arrows (at the very least at my local shop), I'm still kinda watching my budget.

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