The title pretty much says what I could gleam from the remaining stickers and the rest of what I'll say is me trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about...

This bow appears to be in good working order (with the exception of maybe needing a new string - although the one it has seems strong enough and I did a good job giving my arm a bruise with it ).

I feel it's in fair cosmetic condition, but it needs some good TLC like expert cleaning. It could maybe use refinishing and/or repainting being there are parts that appear to be chipped of color on the riser. Also, you may note that the medallion is missing along with almost all the stickers. However, I really know nothing of bows other than what little I've learned upon discovering this one yesterday. So, while most things look cosmetic to me, they could be something different to someone who's experienced with bows (I've come accross information about things like stress lines and such and wouldn't really know how to identify those things on this bow ).

I've used Ebay and some random article to try to get an idea of value, but I'm still rather broad right now. I honestly came accross this in a thrift store and (knowing nothing about bows) thought how wonderful this one was despite its wear.

After I promptly hurt myself with it at home, I decided I should get it to someone who knows what they're doing with a bow like this and get myself something more my range, like a child's practice bow or a dull stick.

Anyhow, I'm putting this bow out there for offers from interested parties. I'm not going to say a price because I don't doubt the value is in the eye of the bow-holder (okay, I'm done being corny, promise ). I'm open to anything fair and will settle on a deal with whoever gives me the best offer.

The only other thing besides what the bow price ends up being would be that you would have to pay shipping. From what I've seen on Ebay, this bow seems to cost around $12 to ship, but that can be worked out when the time comes.

My name is Crystal. I can be emailed at or reached by phone at 702-769-5670.

Thanks for reading my long-winded ad. You're a champ!