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    Default Average number or arrows/hour?

    I'm just starting to get interested in archery. I don't own any equipment yet but I've been going to a nearby range that offers an hour of shooting and equipment rental for $10-$15. I've been a few times (usually once a week as its a bit of a drive) and I typically shoot 12-15 rounds of 6-8 arrows each. I can usually tell around the last round or two that I'm kinda getting fatigued and my groupings start to grow. Some of that may be the volume of arrows or it could be the heat as I am located in FL and the range is an outdoor covered 20 yard range. Its usually mid 90's and typical FL humidity.

    I was just curious what the average number of shots you take when your at the range?

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    I typically shoot 120 or so in an hour.

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    Default Quantity or Quality?

    I wouldn't worry about how many per hour you shoot at practice. It's more important to execute a good shot sequence each time. This will build the proper muscle memory and will minimize form problems later. If you can only shoot 50 arrows until your form slips due to fatiuge, then that's okay! The next week, see if you can shoot 55, then 60 and so on. Sometimes if I'm feeling not all there, I'll only shoot a dozen or so arrows, until I think my form is slipping. Make each shot count!

    If you can do your practice with a coach, then so much the better. If you can't get a coach, then try to video your practice and show it to some experienced archers and coaches for some tips.

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    that depends on what kind of rounds you shoot, 3D you shoot 1 arrow per target, field archery, 4 per target. field round is 28 targets, 112 shots. and if you're taking more than a couple of minutes to shoot each arrow, well you can see how that'll work out. My shot routine runs about a minute an arrow.
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    Hello, and welcome to this site, post often.

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