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    Default Is this a competitive tournament?

    Is there a money class in the R100 shoots?

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    No, there is no money involved in the R100 shoots. However there are door prizes. The cost is $40.00 for 100 targets. You get 3 tickets in the drawing.

    They usually have some nice door prizes. I won a 2004 McPherson bow at the KY shoot a couple weeks ago. retail value $589.00 bare bow. If you're interested in shooting for money check your state for local shoots that have money prizes. The concept for the R100 is to get out and practice and have fun, as all 3d shoots shoots should be. A little money to boot is a bonus of course.

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    That's one heck of a door prize. I have heard they had some nice door prizes. I'll have to try to go to one of these shoots.

    I hear the targets are awesome.

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    Actually they are awesome. They have a couple of bears with real fur on them and the ease of arrow removal is something else again. No fighting and alot of tugging like with the McKenzies thou McKenzie does make an awesome target as well.

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    My understanding is they are a fun shoot however the owner of Bass and Bucks in Wabash In. told me there would be a money shoot there.The money shoot has nothing to do with the Rinehart 100.It is an extra $20 and that money goes back to all the shooters that payed.You don't have to keep score but you can still win the prizes!Kind off a pull your name out of the hat deal and you win.Never been to one but will be going this Sept. to the one in Wabash and I can't wait!I just wanna shoot the alien and all the other cool targets!

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    Why are this prices called " door prices"?

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    The give away door prizes. This means you win by a drawing or lottery. I know people that have won new bowtech & mathews bows at these shoots. Some people win new rinehart targets, all kinds of prizes.
    This means you don't have to win the shoot to get a chance to win a prize.
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