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    Default Why I'll practice more ...

    Hello all,
    It's been a while. I hope everyone is doing well. I read much more than I post. Had a time with the title to this one too.

    Before I start this story just a small bit of background. I normally practice fairly often before season. Very confident out to 30+ yds. Although it has to be a trophy for me to shoot past 25. I hate to wound and loose it. This yr I slacked off a bit. I shot at "no corn" ( my 3d ) and a few other targets about 1/2 as much as normal. All seemed well.

    This yr Florida finally let us start hunting with a bow in the rut. Which is about mid August. Bow season on pvt land started July 31st. ( Early for most of you I know). That's the way of the south.
    Today I got a Doe which on private land is A OK. But something went differently than I have ever seen or even heard of. It will sit with me for a very long time to come I have no doubt. I have NOT shot as many deer as a lot of you but have a few to my name.
    Took my shot from 24 yds. and I was high left. I hit the top left shoulder. The doe went down right there with a holler and never got up. Flailed around more than I care to ever see again. My bow was instantly reloaded in case she got up. I had no idea what she might do. Turns out I broke both shoulders. She wasn't going anywhere. So there I sat in my stand for what seemed like an eternity watching this poor doe holler and flail around. After 2 minutes ( which felt like 2 hrs) down the rope my Matthews went... knocked!!!Something I never do. I also flew down the ladder. I had had enough. Had to do the right thing. I put one in her lungs and it was over in a few more minutes. ( Was thinking despite the rules a gun would have been the right thing there). I'm not sure where I'm going with all this. But my punishment to myself is to tell experienced hunters where I had gone wrong. Screwed up if you will. Also hopefully a few less experienced might

    To those with a bit limited experience like myself. Be aware. It's not all Lee and Tiffany perfect shots and the deer run off in the woods to die. It's your responsibility to do it as efficiently as possible so the animal doesn't suffer any longer than necessary.

    So there it is, I screwed up today and do not feel good about it.
    Thanks for reading and hope to see you in front of the targets.
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    Default Honestly

    It happens. Part of hunting and yes everyone should practice.

    High backbone shot will drop them in there tracks. Then requires another arrow to stop the breathing.

    Just do your best and try to make a good clean harvest. Thats all we can do.
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    Even worst would be a gut shot with the deer living for another six hours or so, you just won't have to watch it.

    and sorry to tell you this, if you hunt long enough sooner or later this will happen too.


    It happens. all you can do is try to make make the best shot you can.

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    i spined a doe last year and just stuck another one in her as quick as i could ... it happens animals move on the shot and we make mistakes

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    it happens, at least you took it as a lesson. i got lucky on an elk once that i hit far back, got liver and it only went about 40 yds, but i was bummed about the shot. glad all went well in the end.
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    It was the deers fault. She should have given you a 14 yard shot. I bet she even moved when you shot. What did she expect by making your job so hard?

    You did the best that you could do at the time and no one can expect to be perfect. All it takes is a small limb to deflect a shot.

    Shake it off and go bust another one.

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    Yep you are correct practice practice practice. Very sorry to hear what happened to you. I agree with everyone that sooner or later it will probably happen. We owe it to the animals we hunt, and that is a quick clean kill.


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