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    Quote Originally Posted by CutTheLoop View Post

    Come on now CTL, we all know you jumped ship and picked up a trigger when tthe ASA cast us off.

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    Default what types do you prefer

    well if you know theres biger ones in there i would have tosay yea but if not i would have shoot him but it is all in what you know is there

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    thanks for sharing everyone!

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    seems like there are a lot of opinions here. Bottom line is whatever works for you. I would recommend a wrist strap on which ever one you get and preferably a buckle, not velcro. I had velcro once and it broke mid draw, switched to a buckle after that. And make sure you can draw back while keping your finger behind the trigger.

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    agreed get whatevr is comfortable for u.i would definetly recommend truball or carter.
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    theres many varieties soo try some out and see whats best for you!
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    Default releases

    I use a simular release as seen in D. Boon's photo. The release can be attached to the bow when hanging on a hook in the stand, ready to pick up and shoot. Don't have to fumble around hooking up like the other types when you should be looking at the deer. Just what has worked for me.

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