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    Default Vanes for indoors????

    Ok for all of you guys and gals who shoot competitively indoors which do you prefer??

    4" Vanes
    4" Feathers
    5" Vanes
    5" Feathers

    Are there advantages??? Give me reasons why you use what you do. I use blazers for everything right now but a fella who I consider very good shoots 4" Feathers indoors.


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    It really depends what you are shootin at, and what class you are shootin in. I shoot Freestlye 300 or dot round. 2.5 inchh ariziona flecth is what I need to stablize my 2115 x7's at 61 lb soft cam martin firecat. 65% letoff. HS

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    I have heard that feathers are a little more forgiving. I am having six of my arrows feathered this week. I am going to shoot feathers against vanes and make my own assesment after that.


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    i use 2.25 quick spins on my fatboys, i shoot indoor 300 rounds, indoor 3-d and outdoor 3d with them, they work really good. No real spacific reason why i chose them really, a few of my buddys use them and like them, alot of the indoor 300 shooters here use 4 inch vanes and some use 4 inch feathers.

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    Default Feathers for me

    I shoot 3" feathers indoors on spots. I feel that they are a lot more forgiving even on full clearance rests. JMHO. By the way Bowhuntinhoosier, Tom is having a 300 round state qualifer shoot this weekend. I'm planning on shooting, maybe we'll see ya there. I'm planning on shooting so I can possibly go to state
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