i have finaly switched to carbon arrows this year after 27 years of alum arrows.i am having trouble getting perfect flight out of my arrows.i am shooting a highcountry vmax split limb bow with carbon express 50-60 arrows@54 pounds with a 30 inch draw shooting a 29 inch arrow.according to carbon express the arrows are spined correctly.i am using a nap 1000 quick tune rest shooting a capiler release.the arrows are kicking up and ive done everything i can think of from moving knock to moving rest.ive checked tiller adj which are both same tried tweaking poundage.im very aggervated.this was the reason ive stayed away from carbon arrows ive heard they were a pain to tune.ive always shot 2213 and 2413s.im not one who ever cared about speed im concerned about accuracy and arrow flight.the funny thing is i can shoot a group @25 that i can wrap my thumb and index finger around.so grouping is not the issue its arrow flight.im also shooting 4 inch plastic vanes and 2 inch blazer vanes.any help before i chunk carbon 4 ever?