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    Smile Elite xlr vs. Strothers Inspire

    Thinking of buying either the elite xlr or the strothers inspire for indoor spots, 3d and field shooting. bow will be 29"/60#.Please answer if you have experience with either or both bows. thanks

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    i have shot both an personally i prefer the Elite just felt like it held better the draw on the Stothers at 60lbs felt like 65 not something i cared for

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    Default Bows

    Had a XLR for along time and its a grate bow for target.
    But I sold it and now shoot the Inspire, and it also a grate bow for the job.
    You need to shoot both Bow and see which one fits you the best.
    For me its the Inspire.

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    Havent shot either of these bows but i have had a z28 and now own a strother infinity and can honestly say you cant go wrong with either company.
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