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    Default Father Staples Custom Bows/Martin X-150

    Im looking to get back into archery(did it since I was 5, up until a few years ago and my bow got sold) and was taking an interest in his custom bows, especially for the price. Does anyone know if his bows are of good quality?

    Also, if not a custom one, I was looking at buying a Martin X-150 Recurve Bow, but I have heard some things about that bow snapping/breaking after only a few uses, which is one of my worries. It looks beautifully done though, which is what has attracted me to it. Any thoughts?

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    I don't know a thing about Father Staples Customs. Martin has a good reputation and has been making bows for quite a while. I would'nt hesitate to pull the trigger on the X-150 if it satisfied your needs. My question would be can you handle 45lbs OK? That looks like the minimum poundage it comes in.
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    Yeah I actually am more of 40lbs but I think Ill be able to deal with 45 without too much problem. Decided not to go with custom after talking to someone at a store near me who has shot the martin and says its great quality for the price and would be good to start with.

    Thanks :]

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    Default dont buy father staples!

    i just bought one and it cracked before the first use! it wasnt even laminated wood, it was one solid peice except for the handle and the grain weaved in and out of the bow. it broke in half while i was stringing it and the asshole dosent wanna give me a refund! dont buy one you will be disapointed! theres a reason they are so cheap!

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