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    Default expanable broadhead trouble

    I have both expandable and fixed blade broadheads and I am trying to decide which style I like better. Unfortunately the only time i get to shoot an expandable is when I shoot an animal, so I dont have a lot of practice with them. I have a 3D target, but shooting an expandable broadhead into it is not really an option. I have tried this before, as well as into a bale of hay, and it just gets stuck and I have to dig it out. Is there a better way or a certain target to use for expandable broadhead practice?

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    I don't understand why you have to dig them out unless they lock out. If thats the case, get a box and fill it with rags, you'll still have to pull things apart but at least you won't be tearing up your target.
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    Wrap some duct tape around the blades so they cant open. I have also used small zip ties.

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    start buying or using mechs that include practice heads...
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    Spend the time to do it right go with slick trick type broadheads .

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