Hello everyone I have had to close my shop due to my husband being ill I am listing a small list of inventory that we have here if you are interested in any of it or you do not see what you are looking for please ask at publix1122@aol.com

Vintage Fred Bear Take Down Wood B Archery Recurve Bow 800 shipped
Black Widow Archery TF II Greybark Recurve bow 600 shipped
Matthews LX BOW, arrow rest, sights, quiver , case 600 shipped
Tenpoint QX-4 with Acudraw (2004 brand new) 530 shipped
Morrison 3 piece t/d ACS Longbow Right hand, 64", 53@28 600 shipped
2005 Mathews Switchback 620 shipped
Bowtech Allegiance 2005 28" Draw 60-70 lbs. 500 shipped
Hoyt XT2000 RAZORTECH COMPOUND BOW 2004 450 shipped
Mathews Compound LEGACY bow LN 28"( RH) 70% 600 shipped
Archery Research AR 34 Ram &1/2 2004 RH 400 shipped
If you have any questions please email me at publix1122@aol.com I would greatly appreciate it thank you for your time.