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Thread: Nock Help

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    Angry Nock Help

    Hey Hunters, retired the Hoyt D riser and Splured on a new Bowtech 340. Been hunting with the bow now and really like it. I'm having one problem while practacing and do not want it to happen when I have that Booner in front of me. Once in a while the arrow falls off the string when drawing. Are there any hidden secrets on tightening the arrow nocks to the string? I tried wrapping some serving around the string between the "loop" but it just got worse. I am now pinching the nocks before I attach them and shoot. They are Cabela's carbon hunter arrows with standard nocks. Any simple solutions out there before I switch nocks?

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    Either completely re-serve the center serving on the string or get new nocks. I've twice had a bad nock result in what basically was a dry fire so don't mess around with poor fitting nocks.

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    But new nocks only 5 to 8 bucks for standard nocks would not shoot the ones you have dont wast your time with them.

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