The Possum, a wily and elusive nocturnal marsupial, is not typical wild fare. But where I'm from, its plentiful and has no hunting restrictions year round.

I have hunted them alone, first with slingshots (loaded with steel slugs) and with a group including dogs. I truly enjoyed bowhunting them in the last year or so, although the close quarter shooting and their ability to hide in the thickest foliage presents quite the low hit-miss ratio. (more in a later thread)

However the recipe for preparing the meat is a bit more structured as there are steps that need to be taken.

1) Burn the hair off the carcass in an open flame--until the skin turns golden brown.

2) Scrape the skin with a sharp knife or razorblade--effectivley shaving it bare. Include the tail.

3) Wash the carcass with warm water--to get rid of soot and loose hairs.

4) Slit the carcass from the neck down--DO NOT rupture internal organs. There are persons who consume some of the nasty bits but I've never been able to get over the scent.

5) About that scent. Possums release a thick, oily stench that switches the appetite off for most predators. This smell is released via glands at the base of the tail. In addition to these there are internal glands at the pit or inner fold of each leg. They look like yellow fatty lumps and all should be cut free and disposed of.

6) Briefly wash the inside with water and lime juice. Vinegar can also suffice but the citrus gets the smell out best.

7) Chop the carcass into one inch square pieces and soak in more lime juice and water for 15-20 mins.

8)------Currying process in a later post