I just watched a 4 point and a 7 point sparing in the back yard while getting ready for church this morning. They both were about the same body size, the 4 point maybe a little bigger, but not much. This went on for about 5 minutes, off and on with the 4 point pushing the 7 point around. In fact, towards the end, the 7 point kept trying to get away from the 4 point, but the 4 point wouildn't stop. There were a few times when they were getting pretty aggressive. The 7 point finally left the yard and the 4 point followed shortly afterwards. I think that the 4 points rack was narrow enough to fit between the 7 points and was starting to do some damage to the 7 points head, which is why the 7 point didn't want to continue, just a thought. The season opened yesterday and while the 7 point was legal (3 point rule), shooting deer from the back porch just isn't for me. Besides, I was enjoying watching them spar to much to interupt them with an arrow.