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    Default To early for Grunt Calls?

    How early in the season do you start using a grunt call? Reason I ask is that the other evening, I had a buck about 80-yards out, as close as he was going to get with the direction he was traveling. I figured I had nothing to loose by using my grunt call to try to bring him in. I blew a couple of soft grunts, loud enough for him to hear but not aggressive. He stood and looked for about 10-seconds and then he turned and made a hasty retreat. He didn't blow out of there like he was really spooked, but he knew something wasn't quite right. The wind was good, so he didn't smell me and I was pretty well hidden in the tree that I was in, so I doubt he saw me. Is it to early to use a grunt call yet???? I'm interested in knowing what ya'll think.

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    I had one grunt last Sat. - I was kind of surprised. I don't grunt this early but now I'm wondering.
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    Default Grunt

    When bowhunting I always have a grunt call on me. Grunting can work anytime. I usually only grunt if I can see the buck in the distance and try to get him closer. Having eye contact lets me know if they buck is reacting to the call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbdcougar View Post
    I had one grunt last Sat. - I was kind of surprised. I don't grunt this early but now I'm wondering.

    Situation(and location) dictates.

    This time of year, for years...I have observed Bucks ignoring grunt calls. But a friendly little clacking of antlers tends to peak their curiosity, especially while they are still running in Bachelor groups.


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    It mainly depends on the personality of the deer. Some bucks will come in almost everytime when some wont ever come into it. You just never know. I tried to rattle in a big 10 pt that i could see in the distance and he heard it. Looked my way for awhile and even came a lil closer but never close enough. 4 Days later i blind rattled and he came in lookn and when I grunted at him it was like I reeled him in.
    Sometimes it just depends on that deers personality or his personality at the time. I never leave home without a grunt tube. You never know if its gonna work unless you try it and I have had awesome luck with them especially the primos buck roar or growl. What ever you call it.

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    i rattled in 2 small bucks last night i didnt try the grunt call though

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