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    My 9 year old had his first archery lesson this past Saturday.
    Happily carted along the bow that his Cub leader had recommended, a Walmart $40 job, which of course garnered a sympathetic look from the instructor.
    So...$200 later (a PSE recurve with sight) we were all set.
    So here's the question.
    I'm from the airgun world. It's bad to leave a spring gun ****ed because the spring will take a set.
    In my thinking a bow is just a big 'spring'...right?
    I asked the sales person, who was very helpful if the bow should be unstrung when not in use.
    "Of course" he said.
    But the instructor said it doesn't matter.
    Which is it?

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    I always unstrung my longbow, but I don't use it that often either.

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