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Thread: broadheads

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    Default broadheads

    well i finally heard back from Lancaster and they said they tried sending me a email to tell me my order was canceled but I never got it. I ordered some Muzzy 115 gr. 4 blade broadheads back in september before hunting season. Now I find out that the order was canceled due to them being out of stock and a discontinued item. well this sucks cause hunting season is here and I have 2 good broadheads. That will more than likely get me through hunting season but I am gonna have to switch sooooooooo my question to everyone is what broadheads do you shoot and why. want to get some Ideas for nextseason.
    Target: Hoyt ProElite XT3000 C2, 60# 30", CBE Quad Lite, CBE 3x .019, Trophy Taker, Easton Fatboy 400's(indoor) lightspeed 400 (outdoor)

    Hunting: 2009 Alphamax35 (Blacked out) 70#, 29", HHA Slider, Bisquit, Easton ACC 3-60, Rage 100 gr. 2 blade

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    G5 Strikers. They fly great, great penetration, and very sharp.

    I had good luck w/ the Muzzy MX3's as well.
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    Default rage 2 blade

    I like the rage 2 blade. They really do fly like a field point "Just a confidence thing" and love the cut diameter.

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    I finally caved and got some slick tricks this fall. They compair nicely to muzzy's and the deer ended up just as dead.

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    Default Slick Tricks

    Go with 100grn magnum Slicktricks

    You wont be dissapointed. This youth shot this deer with one out of a 40lb bow. Complete pass through and hole that lets the blood flow.
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    G5 Montec CS 100 Grain
    CS = Carbon Steel
    Carbon Steel = Sharp
    They Fly Straight and Great Penatration.

    If I was going To Switch I Would Get Slick Trick Razor Tricks.
    Mathews DXT 57lbs 278fps 351grain

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