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    Default PSE hits homerun with 2011 bows

    Our PSE Rep was in last night. Let me tell you, the 2011 PSE bows are sweet.
    At first glance it looked like just some minor tweaks. Not so. They really looked at each bow and made some great changes.

    The EVO is going to be a huge hit. This bow is extremely dead in the hand. It seems to pull easier because of the longer limbs. The lack of noise and vibration on this bow is outstanding. The longer limb pocket seems to help and they beefed up the riser quite a bit, making it stiffer.

    Now I didn't get a chance to check but he said the engineers really worked on getting the draw lengths closer to what they should be.

    The Bowmadness XL was incredible. I was shocked by how smooth the draw was and how fast the bow is at 340. This will make a great 3D Bow.

    Now he didn't have a Dominator for me to try but he had a Supra. The Supra has the Bowmadness XL riser with a different cam. It is 7" brace height and shoots I think it was 318. Now for a long bow it had very little vibration on the shot and was very smooth on the draw.

    All the new bows seemed to have a harder back wall than previous years.

    I'm pretty picky about choosing bows and looking for flaws. I took the EVO over to the paper tuning rack just to see how close the demo was setup to "perfect". I was amazed when I shot a perfect bullet hole with a 400 spine axis shaft at 60#. I did the same thing with the supra. Perfect holes.

    Trust me when I tell you the new 2011 PSE bows are incredible.

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    Cool to hear.

    How does the Supra compare to the BMXL in terms of vibration, smoothness, wall? Are the limb pockets on these bows the same as last years BM, Axe ?

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    The Supra and the Bowmadness XL have the same riser. The Supra has touch more vibration to it than the BMXL. Both of these shot great, it would be tough to decide which to get. I guess if I needed the extra speed, the BMXL if I didn't then the Supra with the higher brace height.

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    What's the ATA and brace on the bowmadness?

    and did you get a chance to check the real world speed of the thing?

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    Do you have any 2011's at the shop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorkingManX1 View Post
    Do you have any 2011's at the shop?
    PSE's have been really close speed wise in the past. I'll do some chrono checking when my order comes in.

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