sorry team 1
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Thread: sorry team 1

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    Default sorry team 1

    I shot a big doe last Friday but the batteries in my cam were dead and I had to go out of town the next day so I just got to work and butchered it. I did how ever save a shoulder to test the slick tricks and I did get pictures of that. I don't expect to get points for the kill and for that I feel like an ass
    Sorry to let you guys down!!

    You were right about the tricks, they go through shoulder blade like a hot knife through butter.
    Will post pics soon.

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    Ive only sat 5 times. No shooters yet. Buddy smacked a good one last night. I did pic up a few new fellas on the camera. 17 day vacation starts in 8 days
    I never miss, my arrows always hit something

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