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    Default homemade hog bait recipes

    hey guys,

    Going hog hunting this week for the first time was just wondering if anybody had a good homemade hog bait recipe.

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    I don't know anything about hog bait and hunting but in the good old days people fed their hogs table scraps. One guy would come by our school and pick up the lunch room leftovers and feed them to his hogs.

    So I am thinking that anything that you eat will work as hog bait.

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    Default good old country boy

    So to make good hog bait I usually take some deer corn and soak it in water (outside in sun) for 1-2 wks it's usually good to go.. if you are having problems with other critters eating it then put some gass on it...

    Also on trick i do is dig a hole in the ground (1-2 ft..) poor corn and water in it and cover it up when it starts to stink in 2 wks the hogs will find it and you got it on.. might be good to set up some lights so you can get them in the dark

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    some good videos on youtube about baiting and hog mixes....

    corn is the usual bait, but alot of things can spice that up for hogs and keep deer and coons away, like diesel fuel....can mix up a quart of diesel fuel with 5 gallons of corn, add some beer, sour it for a week, hogs love it...

    also, check out black gold and grim reaper, two good attractants that hogs love....alot of options to get the hogs coming in to the bait, which is the biggest issue of letting them know its there

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    I put out whole corn and it works like a charm,hogs tend to follow the coon's and then it's a done deal.
    I use corn in my traps and i just recently butcherd up three small hogs and gave a few away.Corn is all i use and it works every time.
    2010 PSE AXE 7

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    Mix corn and strawberry jello with water in a bucket, let sit a couple of days and put it out.

    Another thing you can do is mix diesel fuel and corn in a bucket, stir it up and let sit a couple days. Dig a hole about 2 feet deep pour in mix and let the hogs do the rest, they will eat the dirt for feet around it to get that diesel corn.

    Pour motor oil on trees in areas they are using and they will rub off all the bark.

    Find yourself some sow urine and put it out in an area they use often, I use the Tink's Sow in heat. The little ones will run when they smell it but a bigger boar will come to it, little ones are afraid of the big one and what he might do if there is a sow in heat.

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