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Thread: broad heads?

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    Default broad heads?

    i have been told not to us broadheads with the replaceable blades. i was just quirious anyone has had anyplroblems with them. i noticed that most of the broadheads i see at the bow shop are replacable blades and that there are not that many fixed blades broads to choose from. just wondering if the guy who told me not to us them is an oldtimer (my dad ) or if their was any truth to it.

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    Stop listening to some of the old timers. Replaceable blade heads have been the staple of the broadhead industry for about 40 years now. Most are good and get the job done very well. You do want to do your research and choose those that are strong and have good blade retention abilities. Look for ultra-sharp blades and those that are readily available so you can buy replacement blades when you need them.

    Replaceable blades will at least be sharp and negate the need for you to resharpen the blades. Few people have the ability or patience to sharpen blades to the degree they need to be. Pick a head such as Muzzy (you can get them anywhere) or Wasp and use the blades that come with the pick for practice. Then just before you go hunting just change them out for new blades. Keep the old, dull ones for next year's practice sessions. It doesn't get much easier than this.

    Don't get caught up in the "latest and greatest" craze. Just because some broadheads sell for $30/3 pack does not mean they will work and better than those Muzzy or Wasps or Thunderheads that may sell for $35/6 pack.
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    The replaceable broad head I like is the muzzy mx4. But I shoot the g5 montec. But most broad heads these days that are replaceable are realy nice.
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