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    Quote Originally Posted by BOWMAN View Post
    set of weights for my doinker...
    That would prolly sound really funny to any non archer.

    and to stay on subject- switchback xt
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    Just gotta have a case of dat good ol SPAM HS

    Switchback xt BYC LOOP- SHOOT NOW56# 385gr 2312 Eclipse 100gr Muzzy 256fps SEPTER RANGER STRINGS, 4th axis,335 jammers @ 61# =285 fps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holy Smokes View Post
    Just gotta have a case of dat good ol SPAM HS
    you know this is not the Spam drop it.....
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    Well to say the least already got my X-mas 2006 . So now it is just my shopping list LOL. I'm actually looking at the Eberlestock "just one" backpack and after I shoot the Bowtech "Gaurdian" bow I will decide if I need the "commander" bow for 2007. Lets see then putting in for Elk and Antelope tags and going to Vegas in Feb.(resorvations set and registration already sent in) so my wad is spent once agian for 2007 X-mas by the end of Feb. It is a good thing I work for overtime .
    Well the commander got ordered today. Lets just say we are going to treat it like early x-mas for 2007 when it finally gets here.

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