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    Default new hoyt vectrix

    Hello to everyone, I am a new member and find this site very useful and informative. Now my question to the forum is the new vectrix, how does it shoot compared to the trykon?? I have yet to shoot it, but all the reports I have heard it is a little smoother draw cycle. Any thoughts from those of you that have shot it already?

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    welcome to you....

    I am interested in the same question......
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    Hello and welcome massbow, I have a trykon and love it, its a great bow, I also just orderd a vectrix xl, it dose have a nicer, smoother draw then the trykon, they post about the same speeds, my trykon is a great bow, and the reasons i bought the vectrix is i get tired of setting my trykon up for hunting then for indoor and 3d as i shoot less draw weight and differnt arrows, now i will only use the trykon for hunting. as far as performance, i dont think ill shoot either one better. Thier both great bows, if you have the money i would pry get the vectrix over the trykon, but if you get a steal of a deal on a trykon, I dont think you could go wrong with it either....

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    I do not own either one but it is my personal opinion that the Vectrix is miles ahead of the Trykon. I have shot both several times and the Vectrix wins in all areas hands down. If I was looking to buy a new bow and was trying to choose between these two I would definately pay $200 more for the Vectrix over the Trykon. Good luck


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    Default Welcome

    The new Vectrix cam at 75% letoff will draw much smoother than a Trykon at 80%.
    The new cam can also be changed from 65 to 75% letoff with a hard wall with the draw stop peg in place. It can also be shot without the draw stop peg for a softer wall and a tick more valley.

    With that being said, I like the 80% Trykon XL but it does take a while to get use to the draw cycle especally if you are over bowed any at all.

    Be sure to shoot both before deciding.

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    Just wanted to say Hello and

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    I haven't shot the vectrix or the vulcan the shop hasn't ordered any leftys yet to try out but I think my trykon is quieter than both. That string stop makes alot of noise in my opinion. I am shooting next to people with the new bows

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    Default I shot the vectrix..

    I had a trykon, shot the vectrix alot was even going to get one then I tried the drenalin.. And I loved it and bought one.. the vectrix wasn't as smooth to me.. and the weight, I liked the lightness of the dren just my 2cents...
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