Custom Made Stabilizers and Side Bars --- for Target Archery - Archery Equipment Accessories - Buy Sell Trade
-built by hand (and mill, and lathe )
-Built to order
-Extreme custom look
-I will match the weights and FOC of any system
-Can be made to accept any type of weight or vibration dampening system
-Multiple colors to match any setup
-Less expensive than the big name stabilizers (Averaging between $1.75-$3.00 per linear inch -SHIPPED!!!-)
-Most orders shipped within one week
-and best of all... They look amazing (If I do say so myself)

With my custom built stabilization systems you can perfectly ballance your bow by personallizing it to meet your exact needs.

Currently bars are bieng priced per order. Contact me through PM or email -

I accept Money Orders, Paypal Prefered, and unlike most other manufacurers... I may accept trades