Ok boys,
I have posted several replies to several threads but never posted one of my own. I live in SW Montana and have seen first hand the destruction the Northern Canadian Timber wolf is causing in my home state as well as Idaho and Wyoming. Now I understand most of you hale from Back east and thatís ok, there are a hundred reasons why not to live in paradise but we need all you boys east of the Wyoming border to get involved.
Ill start with the Yellowstone ecosystem. Inside Y Park the population of elk has dropped from 20,000+elk in 1995 down to somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 elk. 10,000 if you listen to the tree huggers but a more realistic number would stand at around 6,500. In the Yellowstone river valley between the park and Livingston MT. elk numbers are almost gone compared to years past and the moose pop. is almost zero.
The Frank Church and River of No Return wilderness in Idaho is almost devoid of elk unless you own a bordering private ranch and control wolf predation.
You will see ID and MT have to go to a permit draw in a couple years if something is not done!
This is unacceptable!
You will not be able to come out west in the future to take your children hunting and expect to see elk, let alone harvest one if your senators donít get actively iinvolved in favor of wolf control.
I could write a book on all that is wrong out here with the liberal base back east pushing to keep wolves on the endangered list.
I want to see your comments and better yet, I want to hear how you are writing letters to the editor in local news papers and getting in touch with your congressmen and senators on this issue.
We have to change Judge Malloy's ruling and turn the west back to those who live here and to those who love to come out here and hunt Elk, Moose, and Mule deer. Its not to late yet, but in just a few short years it will be.

Get involved!!!!!!!!