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Thread: Recurve for 3D?

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    Default Recurve for 3D?

    A am looking for a new bow that I can shoot 3D competition with.I am looking at ILF bows. I shoot barebow and am a senior archer so price is a factor. I like the Hoyt Excel and Horizon but am open to all. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

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    I'm not trying to steer you away from this place, as we could use a few recurvers here to help out now and then. But, ask on Archerytalk in the FITA forum, or on Tradtalk. Your more likely to get some experienced opinions on either site.
    I have a couple of ILF Warfs but I'm far from being knowledgable in all ILF rigs.
    Welcome to 3dshoots.
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