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    Yes, ok, you are certonly correct for Jessey. He has reached the top and only needs to keep his mental and phisical edge, but the original posting was asking, how do I get there? The fact is there is on one avenue that will take you there overnight. There is no one way to explain it all, but I have watched, learned, and done it. What I do know for sure is to get to the top you have to put the top first and formost. The winners do. After you get there you only have to stay there, Which can be harder then getting there. and Long days of quality practice will take you in the right direction.
    You can always come up with a possible avenue to make a short cut, but staying on top takes total commitment.

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    ive been shooting for awhile now.....but more bc i liked shooting rather than figuring out why i wanst getting better. I started out hunting, developed into a decent shooter, bought a hoyt proelite and read everything i could find on Back tension, proper form, arrow tuning, yardage judgment, the works....i got better, but again, never found a coach, or a mentor, always felt belittled when i went to shoots bc i felt like i thought i knew my stuff and when i went and saw how many other people were there who at least seemed to know their stuff, it intimidated me. Im a big kid, i bench 425 and im a bouncer, but none of it matters to me, archery is my true passion and i want to be the best. PERIOD. and last year i went from decent to a good shooter, shot indoor 3d, my average scores were always mid 290's....i shot other local indoor 3d shoots w x's and would regularly shoot biggest flaw w tournaments or anything for that matter is mental...i CAN and do shoot very well, but it's alot with how my attitude is....i can sit there when i feel good and solid and stack arrows, then other days, i just dont feel the same consistency ....but i love shooting and want to shoot. I've recently started really diliberately making sure i was doing everything the same way, and my shooting has gone from having a bad day every now and then, to only having a few bad arrows a session. Im locally one of the better shooters, but local doesnt mean anything on the stake at a triple crown. I wanna be the best. And i WILL be someday. Just gotta keep pushing. I really appreciate the input and knowledge here.

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