I'm in my 75th year and have been in and out (mostly out) of target archery since I was 10. Like most archers, I also enjoy plinking with a slingshot. Since I've always had problems with high wrist/low wrist, straight arm/bent arm decisions, I got to wondering about simply eliminating those variables and going to a device which would hold the bow for me.

I ended up forming a strangely shaped piece out of half inch diameter steel stock. It winds about my forearm, up through my bowhand, and then over to the bow, where a curved section makes only point contact with the bow. In other words, it's a "wrist rocket" attachment for a bow. With only point contact with the bow and a trigger release, I've ended up with a hand-held test machine. This, of course, is the limiting factor. The arm must be steady (an impossible feat at my age) and follow through is still important. Still, when the first 2 arrows were almost a Robin Hood, I knew I was on the right track.

When you hold your bowarm out in the air, the most comfortable position is with the hand at a 45 degree angle, and that's the position I built into my device. And, provision must be made for loose straps to catch the bow after release.

Frankly, before arthritis took over, my greatest archery enjoyment came from roving with a bare recurve, but, if anyone's interested in pursuing the adaptation of my shooting aid, I could take a picture and...if this forum permits it...post it here.