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    Default Am I out of luck?

    Have been into archery all of my life, however just got back in this past year after a LONG time away..

    I've never been to a tournament, 3d shoot or anything like that.. I don't know the rules, I don't know how the process takes place, I don't know scoring or anything.. but I'm very interested in it...

    The problem is, I can't find any shoots in the entire state of GA... is target archery just not big in Georgia?? I only found 2 clubs close to me.. contacted them through email and never heard back.. so I'm guessing the clubs are not active anymore..

    Am I out of luck living in GA?

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    Default I.b.o.

    I dont know about local shoot's but the 3rd leg of the southern triple crown is in Georgia.I'm at work right know and can't get on the I.B.O. website. They block anything having to do with hunting and shooting. I guess they don't thank 3d is shooting.I will look when I get home and see where it is.

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    In Georgia, your best bet would be to contact George Ryals in Snellville, GA.

    His email is

    You can also contact him at, he is one of the sponsors here.

    George is a great guy and teaches seminars all over the country. He will at least be able to steer you in the right direction.

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    3d shoots probably won't start until after the archery season. Georgia is full of them I'm sure. Everybody is busy hunting right now. If you can, find a indoor range for awhile and shoot some 5 spot. Someone at the range will teach you the ropes. Have fun.

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