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    Default Balancing your bow yourself.

    Is it better to have one side rod to balance the bow, or is it better to set up like hopkins and alot of other shooters with v-bars and two rods coming back. Im looking at doinkers burley vbar, anyone have any experience w this?

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    Weight and how it hangs off your bow is something that is different for everybody. I like a long front bar and one long side bar. I have more than twice the weight on the back bar compaired to the front bar because I like my bow to balance even in my hand. My total weight sits right at 8 pounds on my indoor bow.

    Try one combination for a couple of weeks, change things around and do it all over again intil you get a feel for what slows the float down for you.

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    Default Personal Preference

    Balancing a bow is just personal preference and finding out what works for you. My suggestion to you is go to a shop or and a national shoot and try a bunch of different schemes of side, v-bars and stabilizers til you find what works. Most shops do not have alot to choose from in this area. Good luck.

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    Thank you for getting me on the archery learning center....a ton of excellent stuff. Thanks THE G!

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Thank you for getting me on the archery learning center....a ton of excellent stuff. Thanks THE G!
    Sure glad I could help, but we owe all of our thanks to Griv......
    archery learning center is not as fast of a site as archerytalk but there are a lot of excellent shots on there who know what they are talking about and won't bash everything you say.

    heres another few you might like if you are into target at all.


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    thanks for the helpfull info
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