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    Arrow Help Me Out Here 3d Shooters!

    hey 3d archery shooters im working towards being the new president of our local archery range and 3d tournaments, the thing is what im needing help on is coming up with plans for exciting games for kids to play at our 3d tournaments. This is only the 2nd year we have had this range going and i want to make it alot better for the kids and family also, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated....thanks!

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    Over the years we have done hundreds of things, literally

    The two that the kids like the most are

    1. Breaking stuff....Xmas ornaments seems to be the best, but only work well but only work well indoors because of the easier clean up. ?Outdoors we use different sized clay targets.

    2. Long shots! We put a 90 yard buffalo out at one of our tournaments and the kids would rather just soot at that. Seriously, there are a group of kids shooting at it all weekend. We have a big berm behind it, and their arrow arc is so high we rarely loose or break an arrow. This past year we put a can of pop on the side buffalo, that was pretty cool when they hit that.

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    Talking Here's what I think !

    This may soumnd crazy , but balloons work great ! The club that I belong to , does this as some children and adults expansion span is limited and shooting at blown up balloons works as I found out the hard way when my own grand children got bore and then I went to doing this and they couldn't wait as I blew up more balloons to shoot at !

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    Breaking stuff is always good (balloons, clays, christmas ornaments, etc). One range I go to sets out a dunk tank for their last summer shoot, kids take a genesis or little kids recurve and an arrow with a blunt on it and shoot a metal target which trips the platform. They've got it setup so the dunk tank is far enough away from the target that it's pretty safe.

    Another thing you might consider to keep the kids (and their parents) happy is to use some backstops behind the targets and place the stakes appropriately. Missing is frustrating enough for these kids but losing all their arrows (maybe before they're all the way through) might cause a young new shooter to give up all together (I've seen it happen). I know that you might say that kids who don't feel up to it should shoot from wherever but kids have as much pride as we do and want to shoot from where all the other kids are shooting from.

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    I like the plastic easter eggs.. you can fill them with a note saying which prize they won... or money.
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