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Thread: back stop

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    Default back stop

    hi guys and gals im james and im new to the site im from va and just moved back to va last byr from ga,my question is has anyone built a backstop. i dont miss much but i do miss and am tired of buying arrows,plus my 16 year old son wants dad to teach him how to bowhunt so i need to make a backstop but i need yalls help if anyone has built a backstop please let me know how you did it and what you used thanks AND HAPPY SHOOTING AND MERY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS LOL

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    How big are you looking for? I've seen people use old carpeting for backstops. It's not perfect but usually stops most arrow. Just hang in and let it swing.
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    Well that depends, do you have space for a static backstop that will never move? If so you can do the old summer camp backstop, some 2x4s holding up a plywood backstop with bales of hay stacked in front of it. For more of a temporary measure I'm sure the carpet trick would work, just don't go shooting broadheads into it or you'll find yourself changing the backdrop fairly often.

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    I've tried the carpet thing with my hoyt.( @ 60#) And it went through it very easily. I have built two with 7/16 waferboard and 2x4's and landscape timbers for support. Even after 3 years in the weather it still was stopping the arrows
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    I used 5/8" plywood, can usally pull them with a rubber grip arrow puller. This one is 5.5 feet wide and 6 feet high. Thats a 24" x 27" bag hanging in front of this 50 yd target. Only one arrow has ever missed that back stop, my 11 year old grandson has one down in there. It's #8 on my 14 target field round, so 32 arrows shot to get to here, lost his 3rd shot down there.

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