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    Default Congratulations!

    Kayleigh Rodgers WSOA "Main Event" Champion!
    She is 16 years old!

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    How much loot did she win?
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    Congrats to kayleigh. looks like she has many succsessfull years ahead of her.
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    Default top 5

    1sy-Kayleigh Rodgers #9 seed $2,000.00 (16 yrs old)
    2nd- Russell Payne #1 seed $1,500.00
    3rd-Marty Chambers #11 seed $700.00
    4th- Jayde Chartier #14 seed $500.00 (15 yrs old)
    5th- Joe Hicks #13 seed $300.00
    Jayde took out Jame Jamison #2 seed
    Kayleigh took out Russell Payne #1 seed
    These are 2 of the top pros!

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    That is Awesome! Congrats Kayleigh!
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    Great shooting KayLeigh and Russell. It was an awesome shoot off to watch!!!
    Georgianna Witt Braden

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    Default Thanks!

    Thank You to all the shooters!

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