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    Default Where to find nearby archery lessons for a teen

    The vagueness comes from the fact that most archery shops cater to bowhunters. Instruction generally includes getting someone started and letting them take it from there. You won't see many bowhunters taking instruction from a coach.

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    where are you located also remember there is a differance between a coach and a seminar speaker

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    Contact your local conservation officer, i know in our county the Conservation officers teach archery classes for our community. Bow shops are also a great place to start most owners are very experienced shooters and most are willing to help

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    Default I'm shocked

    I have a similar situation. Can be discussed.

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    How about searching on this website.
    click Find Shoots
    When the menu appears, search for clubs near you.

    Now email these clubs and ask them if they offer this or know of anyone that does.
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    st. charles mo

    Cool level 2 coach here,,

    ill help for free...

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    Default Archery club

    Find your local archery club, if you've got more that one archery shop nearby, odds are there's a club. Ask at the shops. Real similar to what Chris is saying.
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