but if you set your idler lean while your cable/ flex gaurd is at static....torque and all, the idler is set to that amount of torque....right? So when that cable gaurd moves or flexes and that torque changes, your cam lean changes, and your saying that is somehow MINIMAL movement?

and what facts exactly have you provided me with, so far all it has been is your opinion. It is your opinion that these moving cable gaurd bows tune better and shoot better, but the fact here is that we have yet to see one win any kind of Major tournament, and that FACT is especially interesting considering the current trend towards short axle bows being shot in competition. You made a comment a few posts ago about the Mathews Monster having serious torque related problems, yet Levi Morgan or Chris White don't seem to have any problems when they shoot that bow. Or how about Dave Cousins when he shot the AM35 and Maxxis 35? That's a short bow with a regular cable gaurd, must be a problem right? What about Gary Smith Jr. taking 2nd at Louiville with his Maxxis 35? According to your "facts" these guys are all fools, but for me, I take those results as proof. Thats my "opinion" lol. Take this as another example: Years ago it was "fact" that short axle bows were, unforgiving and inaccurate....not so much anymore.